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Additive Orthopaedics has developed and patented several innovative design structures which are incorporated throughout our current products and future pipeline. These structures are only possible through the use of advanced additive manufacturing.

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Powering our Patient Specific Implants, the Additive Orthopaedics Game Plan App is an end-to-end fully integrated cloud-based communication system that aligns surgeons and engineers to optimize patient outcomes.

Benefits of the Game Plan Process:

  • Streamlined communication between surgeon and engineers via website and app
  • Incorporates real time visualization of 3D implant and patient anatomy
  • Immediate access to patient specific implant design, manufacturing, and delivery status

Benefits of Patient Specific Implants:

  • Precise implant fit to patient anatomy
  • Patient specific technique and cutting guides provided to prepare for pre-planned anatomy correction
  • Built with LatTi-Structure® to support bony in-growth

Featured Tech



A Unique Implant Solution made possible through the use of Additive Manufacturing

BUILT WITH LatTi-Structure:

  • Additive Orthopaedics proprietary lattice structure is the platform for our 3D printed bone segments
  • 79% porous lattice structure
  • 800µm pore size to support bony in-growth and vascularization
  • 1600µm pore size to ease introduction of autograft or allograft
  • High surface coefficient of friction vs. cancellous bone to reduce micromotion
  • Proven bone growth of 72.3% at 6 months*
  • * data on file at Additive Orthopaedics
LatTi-Structure at 25X Magnification

Strength Optimized "Intelligent" Implants

Additive Orthopaedics is developing “intelligent” implant technology and processes where strength
reinforcements and bone healing LatTi-Structures are optimized based on patient loading and
anatomy. This can increase load resistance and improve bone healing to maximize bone to implant
cooperation specific to each patient.


Variable Honeycomb Lattice (VHL) design has been optimized to allow enhanced boney in-growth throughout the implant structure while maintaining strength. The structure, having smaller external pores and larger internal pores, has been optimized to also allow for the introduction and incorporation of biologics for a more efficient bone healing process.


Addbone implant surface technology has micron and submicron scale terraces and ridges that have the potential to stimulate bone proteins to attach to the surface and start the bone remodeling process


Implant surface technology features one way helical barbs that provide improved stability.

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