Additive Orthopaedics 3d printed Organic Cotton Bone Segment

Additive Orthopaedics 3d printed Organic Cotton Bone Segment

Built with LatTi-Structure™ to support bony in-growth, Additive Orthopaedics develops advanced implants with complex geometries leading to enhanced osteo-integration, never before possible with older, more traditional manufacturing processes.



  • Design rational: Featuring anatomic / organic tear drop shape for best fit.
  • 3D printed bone segment for medial cunieform opening wedge osteotomies.
  • Available in 4 sizes.

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GAME PLAN ® by Additive Orthopaedics

Powering our patient specific implants, Game Plan is an end-to-end fully integrated cloud based communication system that aligns surgeons and engineers to optimize patient outcomes.

  • Streamlined communication between surgeon and engineers via website and app
  • Incorporates real time visualization of 3D implant and patient anatomy
  • Immediate access to patient specific implant design, manufacturing, and delivery status

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