From CT to Patient Specific Implant in 2-4 weeks

Powering our Patient Specific Implants, the Additive Orthopaedics Game Plan App is an end-to-end fully integrated cloud-based communication system that aligns surgeons and engineers to optimize patient outcomes.

Benefits of the Game Plan Process:

  • Streamlined communication between surgeon and engineers via website and app
  • Incorporates real time visualization of 3D implant and patient anatomy
  • Immediate access to patient specific implant design, manufacturing, and delivery status

Benefits of Patient Specific Implants:

  • Precise implant fit to patient anatomy
  • Patient specific technique and cutting guides provided to prepare for pre-planned anatomy correction
  • Built with LatTi-Structure® to support bony in-growth

Patient Specific Implant examples powered by Game Plan

Patient Specific Navicular


Patient Specific MTP

3d foot

Patient Specific Bunion


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