Additive Orthopaedics Hammertoe System

  •  3D Printed Titanium-Eli
  •  Sterile Packaged
  •  Roughened "AddBone" Surface 
  •  "OrthoBarb" Helical Design for Stable Fixation
  •  Simple Procedure Steps
  •  Cannulated, Straight and Angled Versions
  •  Reduced Middle Phalanx Size Options

Additive Orthopaedics Bunion System*

  •  3D Printed Titanium-Eli 
  •  Sterile Packaged
  •  Interosseous Design
  •  Broach / Implant Insertion Device
  •  Locking and Variable Screw Options
  •  Unique Lattice Integration 
  •  "AddBone" Surfaces

Additive Orthopaedics Plate / Wedge Combinations*

  •  3D Printed Titanium-Eli 
  •  Variable Honeycomb Lattice  Structure 
  •  Contoured to the Anatomy
  •  Cross Compression Screw Holes 
  •  Polished Top Surface
  •  Available in Various Widths, Lengths and Sizes

Our Products

*Not Yet Available in the United States

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Additive Orthopaedics Wedge System

  •  3D Printed Titanium-Eli 
  •  Sterile Packaged
  •  79% Open Lattice Structure
  •  Top Center Biologics Channel and Biologics Plug
  •  Frame System for Increased Strength
  •  Polished Top Surface
  •  Screw Holes for Optional Secondary Fixation
  •  18 Sizes (9 Evans and 9 Cotton)
  •  Dedicated Instrument Set
With the assistance of world-renowned Orthopaedic Surgeons and Foot and Ankle Specialists, Additive Orthopaedics continues to develop innovative technology to help surgeons and their patients.

Biologics and Tissue Offering

  •  Additive Orthopaedics offers a range of biologics that have been carefully chosen and optimized to work in conjunction with our technology.

Custom 3D Printed Implants

  • Through the FDA guidance exemption regulations contained in 520(b) of the FD&C Act, Additive Orthopaedics develops custom implants and instruments for revision surgery, limb salvage and oncology patients.